Car motorcycle and bicycle rental terms and conditions

Driver (Age Restrictions / Driving license)
The minimum age is 18 years old and anyone who rents must be in possession of a valid driving license.

The following credit cards are accepted: Eurocard (Master Card), Visa, Diners Club and American Express. The total rental cost, including VAT, to be paid to the beginning of the rental.

Failure to provide customer and cancel the reservation
If, in time and place agreed upon booking, the customer does not show up for the conclusion of the rental, without having notified the circumstance Italian Rent® with a notice at least 48 hours of the start of the rental (term irrevocability provided in relation to the need for Italian Rent® to proceed to a different allocation of the vehicle), Italian Rent® retain, as penalty the equal to 80% of the expected rental.
Cancellations may only be made in Italian Rent® with 48 hour notice of the date and start time of rental. In case of notice of less or no notice, apply the provisions in the first paragraph.

Delivery vehicle
Required Documents
Valid credit card (equal to that provided during the booking), for all drivers – valid driver’s license.

Rental agreement
A rental agreement will be issued to the levy of the vehicle. Please re-check the mileage and the fuel level to advise our staff if you notice any irregularities.

During the rental
After an accident, theft, fire, vandalism or any other damages, please contact the police and complete the notification form damage inside the vehicle. This also applies to minor damage caused by you without the involvement of third parties.

Loss of keys
If you lose the keys to the vehicle, please report immediately to our contacts.

Fines and other penalties
Should be committed violations during the rental period by the hirer or any of the additional drivers, Italian Rent ®  may charge a fine to the holder of the lease. Hirer is liable for all fines and fees.

Return of vehicle
We recommend that you return the vehicle 20 minutes before the expiry of the lease. The return of the vehicle shall be performed prior notice to Italian Rent ®. It should be borne in mind that Italian Rent ®  takes about 10 minutes to check the vehicle.

Time and place of delivery
The vehicle must be returned to the place and time agreed upon. The driver must be present at time of delivery of the car to sign the term of the rental agreement. If the driver will not be present at the time of delivery, he can not argue any additional charges such as damages, extra mile (for monthly rentals) and fuel duty charged on your credit card.

Delay in delivery of the vehicle
The return of the vehicle must be made within the time and date indicated on the rental agreement. The rental period can be extended, however. The rate applied to the extra days will be the most expensive available daily at the moment. The extra costs are available by contacting Italian Rent ®.

All vehicles are supplied with fuel level indicator. The agreed level is indicated on the rental agreement. The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel at the beginning of the rental. Otherwise the driver will be charged in addition to the missing fuel supply service.

The normal insurance on the vehicle rented includes responsibility for damage to persons and property. If you were involved in an accident because of you, there was damage to the car during the stop, failing to stop theft or third party after an accident, the hirer is liable up to a fixed ceiling.

Full coverage
Selecting the full coverage at the beginning of the rental, you will be insured against theft of the vehicle and fires caused by yourself, by paying a sum dependent on the country. In case of damage will remain a deductible, which can be reduced by selecting the appropriate option. The insurance is only valid driving under the rules of the road and is not applicable in case of damage caused by negligent driving and accident without a counterpart